Frequently Asked Questions

Soft soled shoes are a must for your safety and the safety of the crew. Wet decks can be slippery, especially in rough seas or during inclement weather.

A valid Michigan All Species Fishing License are required. Michigan All Species Fishing Licenses are available online and at sporting goods stores. In South Haven, we recommend Pyle’s Porthole where you can get your license and stock up on your favorite snacks and beverages for your trip.

A small cooler for beverages and snacks. Alcoholic beverages are permitted for persons of legal drinking age. The Captain reserves the right to end any charter due to disorderly, abusive or unsafe conduct, with no refund of charter fees.

Climate appropriate clothing. We recommend you check the weather before your trip and dress appropriately. In cold weather, layer up. Bring rain gear for wet weather, as we will go out unless there is severe rain or thunder and lightning.

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and Hat. The sun can be very intense on the water, so we recommend protecting yourself with these items if it will be sunny on the day of your charter.

Cameras. We encourage you to take pictures and video to document your experience. Morning would is equipped with GoPro cameras and we will record your trip and send you a copy about a week after your trip.

Cooler and ice. Bring a cooler to transport your fish in, and be sure to bring ice to keep your fish fresh.

You will be prohibited from bringing glass items aboard the vessel. ABSOLUTELY NO BANANAS ON BOARD!
The time your charter leaves is at your discretion, but most parties leave the dock between 6 AM and 7 AM.
All weather cancellations are at the discretion of the Captain and will be rescheduled to a date of your choosing.
Yes. All charters require a $100.00 deposit, due at the time of scheduling. Deposits are non-refundable unless the cancellation is due to the Captain’s discretion and your charter cannot be rebooked.
Morning Would has room for up to 5 people per fishing charter.
Morning Would is moored at the Black River Yacht Club, Slip 81. The address is: 270 Oak Street, South Haven, MI 49090.
Your fish will be cleaned and packed for you by the Captain. Please bring a cooler to store your fish in after they are cleaned.